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Вступительный тест по английскому языку для детей

На этой странице вы можете пройти вступительный тест на знание базовой грамматики и лексики английского языка для детей.

Fill in the gaps with one correct answer (a, b, c, or d):

1 ____'s your name? - Andrey
a. How
b. Who
c. What
d. Where

2 This is Vika and her brother, Ivan. ____ my friends.
a. We're
b. I'm
c. You're
d. They're

3 ____? I'm from Russia.
a. Where are you from?
b. Where you are from?
c. Where from you are?
d. From where you are?

4 I'm from Kiev. ____ is in Ukraine.
a. They
b. It
c. He
d. She

5 Excuse me, how ____ your last name? - P-O-P-K-O
a. spell
b. you spell
c. do you spell
d. spell you

6 Oh, ____ are my pens!
a. This
b. These
c. That
d. It

7 I'd like ____ sandwich, please.
a. a
b. ¾
c. an
d. two

8 And here is your ____.
a. desk
b. desks
c. a. desk
d. an desk

9 My name's Vasya and this is Kristina. ____ doctors from Zhmerinka.
a. I'm
b. We're
c. She's
d. They're

10 Sorry, ____ Pasha. My name's Natasha.
a. I isn't
b. I is not
c. I aren't
d. I'm not

11 ____? No, he isn't.
a. Are they teachers?
b. Are you from Italy?
c. Is Nikolay a teacher?
d. Is this your phone?

12 ____ is the hospital? It's 50 years old.
a. How many years
b. How much years
c. What years
d. How old

13 What is ____?
a. job Masha
b. Masha job
c. Masha's job
d. job's Masha

14 Your bag is next ____ the wardrobe.
a. on
b. to
c. in
d. of

15 ____ are the books? On the table.
a. What
b. When
c. Where
d. Who

16 I go to work ____ bus.
a. with
b. by
c. for
d. in

17 She ____ a cat.
a. not have
b. don't have
c. don't has
d. doesn't have

18 Valera ____ in their company.
a. work
b. works
c. is work
d. working

19 ____ they live in Lvov?
a. Are
b. Is
c. Do
d. Does

20 ____ to the theatre.
a. We not often go
b. We don't go often
c. We don't often go
d. Often we don't go

21 When do you play tennis? ____ Tuesdays.
a. On
b. In
c. At
d. By

22 What time ____ study?
a. starts he
b. do he starts
c. does he starts
d. does he start

23 ____ two libraries in the city.
a. It is
b. There is
c. There are
d. This is

24 There aren't ____ here.
a. a. restaurants
b. any restaurants
c. any restaurant
d. a. restaurant

25 You know, it's ____.
a. a hotel expensive
b. expensive hotel
c. expensive a hotel
d. an expensive hotel

26 They ____ popular TV programmes in the 1990s.
a. are
b. were
c. was
d. is

27 ____ at the sport club last week?
a. Do you were
b. Was you
c. Were you
d. You were

28 Sergey Bezrukov is a popular actor but I don't like ____.
a. him
b. his
c. her
d. them

29 We ____ an interesting video clip last week.
a. see
b. saw
c. sees
d. were see

30 He ____ football with me last week.
a. doesn't played
b. didn't played
c. not played
d. didn't play

31 She was born ____ May 18th, 2008.
a. in
b. at
c. on
d. from

32 Where ____ last month?
a. you went
b. did you went
c. do you went
d. did. you go

33 Were you at school at 2 p.m. yesterday? No, I ____
a. didn't
b. am not
c. wasn't
d. weren't

34 Excuse me, ____ is the cap? It's $10,99.
a. what expensive
b. how much
c. how many
d. how price

35 He's only four but he ____.
a. can read
b. cans read
c. can reads
d. cans reads

36 This party is boring. We ____ a good time.
a. don't have
b. aren't having
c. don't having
d. aren't have

37 I ____ you at the moment. I am busy now.
a. can't help
b. don't can help
c. can't helping
d. can't helps

38 I ____ my mobile phone very often.
a. am not using
b. don't use
c. doesn't use
d. am not use

39 It's my dad's birthday tomorrow. I ____ him a present.
a. buy
b. buys
c. am going to buy
d. buying

40 What ____ do in the evening today?
a. are you going to
b. are you
c. do you
d. you

41 Galya is married to Volodya. He's her ____
a. uncle
b. husband
c. wife
d. parent

42 We usually ____ the shopping in a local street market.
a. make
b. do
c. have
d. go

43 I love this purse! It's ____.
a. cheap
b. small
c. beautiful
d. ugly

44 He doesn't have a motorbike. He often uses public ____.
a. taxi
b. transport
c. car
d. bus

45 I don't go to ____ on Sundays.
a. job
b. office
c. factory
d. school

46 Do you like Ukrainian ____?
a. kitchen
b. meal
c. food
d. cook

47 You hardly ____ visit us.
a. ever
b. sometimes
c. never
d. usually

48 I'm Maksym Petrov. Nice to ____ you, Valentina Vasilyevna.
a. speak
b. talk
c. meet
d. watch

49 Could I help you? Thanks, but I'm just ____.
a. watching
b. looking
c. seeing
d. shopping

50 Vera is over there. She's ____ a white blouse and blue jeans.
a. having
b. wearing
c. doing
d. walking

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